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Hello and welcome to my personal page website. This web site is mostly for my personal use so there is not much to be displayed around here. If you have an account on my website than it means you are one of my close friends and you will have access to all the goodies and tools my site has to provide; telephone book, calendar, forum, a Tsuro game of my own, some other development stuff, and of course our friendly Pathfinder Charater generator.

If you are not one of my close friend, well... I'm sorry but you'll have to wait to see any of those things be made available, but I hope to eventually get the OK from Calliope Games to release my personal version of Tsuro online (which works great by the way) and my Pathfinder Character Gemerator.

In the meantime, you can always visit my old timer Eclipse module, but it often breaks after I update some server side application since the code behind it is old and getting outdated little by little. That module was meant to be used for Heroes Unlimited related Table top games with a character generator and forum and agent report thing... all of which will probably not be of any use to you.

Finally... you can always have a look at my Novel's website, read our free online comics and hopefully enjoy it enough to support us.

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Saïna Heart - The Awakening

Saïna Heart - The Awakening

Dragonwrath series, Book #1

By Skellos

Publisher: FriesenPress
Language: English
Pages: 336
ISBN: 978-1-4602-2219-5 (Hardcover)
         978-1-4602-2220-1 (Paperback)
         978-1-4602-2221-8 (eBook)
english Language